About those ads

Guinness very patriotic after Ireland was defeated by the All Blacks

The Rugby World Cup in Japan is long gone by now as we are getting ready for the 2020 Six Nations, but one thing surrounding the World Cup was extraordinarily surprising and gratifying: the advertisements on TV. I was used to seeing advertisements with intriguing techniques to sell products, either using hot girls or stupid jokes, well, sometimes both. This time it was different, very different as the ads were deeply inspiring and moving, just like rugby is I guess. If you are aware of the values shared within the rugby community you will definitely feel touched by the ads below.

ITV was the licensed TV broadcaster here in the UK, so their promotion for the tournament was everywhere just before it started. I suppose that the Japanese culture that I have experienced in my childhood with animes and video games mixed with rugby, dreams and ambitions made this ad extremely appealing. I guess I wanted to feel like Goku…

Japanese language reserves some deep concepts in tiny phonemes and when some of those were explored in connection with rugby in these titles between commercial breaks I always found myself trying to develop that concept in my thoughts for a while. Short and very effective.

FLY BETTER – Emirates
Well, refereeing has been my main role in rugby so far, and Nigel Owens without a doubt was and still is a great character to look up to. So when Emirates made this series of funny ads featuring Nige, I was having a laugh…

This ad has a phenomenal photography, outstanding sound effects, and excellent storyline. The first time I watched I was so curious to see the outcome that I was petrified in front of the TV set and as it finished I had goosebumps and some butterflies in my stomach. Once again enhancing part of the Japanese culture, but now connecting the players and the supporters. Say no more, just watch…

The first time I watched this ad I was with my wife in a pub watching one of the matches and right when it started it caught our attention. We couldn’t hear quite well what they were saying as the pub was a bit loud, but when it ended we looked at each other and both of us had tears in our eyes. I guess it was because the ad depicted the acknowledgement of what rugby can awake and provoke in ourselves and it’s the same anywhere in the world. What a great ad!

Guinness decided to pay tribute to the pioneers of Japanese women’s rugby in this funny and very inspirational ad. Having fought to bring some light to women’s rugby in my home region in Brazil, it’s admirable the choice of subject for the ad. Well done Guinness! Well done women from Liberty Fields!

Which one is your favourite? Will there be any great ad like these for the Six Nations? Perhaps the Olympic Games hold some very interesting surprises…

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